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Research and Monetize Your Biology

OpenCures is a networked healthcare ecosystem giving you access to cutting edge research tools to help you better track, improve, and monetize your healthcare data.

Research Your Biology

Order biomarker tests that generate unprecedented levels of data for a deep understanding of your health and wellness.  Download sample report here.

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Analyze your Blood

We administer blood draws on and off site, for blood analysis via standard medical diagnostics as well as with proprietary research technologies.

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Predetermine Illness

Refine your biomolecular insight with untargeted metabolomics and participate in ongoing biomedical research discoveries when you choose to share your data.

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What is OpenCures?

OpenCures is a networked ecosystem giving people greater agency over their health data. We provide access to proprietary blood analysis technology, proven effective in cancer and neurodegeneration preventative measures, for any human to enrich their personal healthcare data, monetize it, and use in self-directed community research projects.

Better Health Together

OpenCures empowers people to not just generate and understand their biology, but to collaborate with each other on research to cure diseases. On our platform your health profile is owned and controlled by you. You may share your data with any person or group of your choice, as well as anonymously with the OpenCures research community.

Our Facilities

The Shop

The Shop

OpenCures is open to anyone who wants better understand their biology. Our facility is located on 823 Grant Ave. in Novato, California.

The Lab

The Lab

We provide phlebotomy services with certified experts for bloody analysis allowing us to generate and analyze your health data.

The Biobank

The Biobank

Your biospecimen is stored in your personal BioBank allowing us to predict your health issues of tomorrow in order to maintain optimal health. 

What Makes Us Different?

Community Research

Share your personal data and research insights with other health advocates/medical professionals to find solutions that matter to you.

Health Data Marketplace

Sell your personal healthcare data as well license  specific to general healthcare insights generated and stored by OpenCures.

Proprietary Technology

Deepen understanding of your health and wellness with state-of-the-art blood analysis technology via mass spectrometry.

Monetize your Biology

Opt-in to share your data with OpenCures to generate health insights and profit from third party interest on your biology.



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