Metabolon Metabolomics

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OpenCures provides access to Metabolon’s proprietary mass spectrometry based Metabolomics assay. This technology can analyze peptides, lipids, electrolytes, nutrients, environmental chemicals, and other metabolites using just one assay. All blood and serum samples are currently processed and stored at our partner lab and biobank site.


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What is Metabolomics?

An “omics” technology that allow us to get a very, very large amount of data from a very small sample. It was developed to some extent as a way to compliment the significant advances that have been made in genomics to be able to look at large numbers of genes, variations, expressions, etc. The key difference is that while genomics is the blueprint to your body (your are born with it), metabolomics is the data analysis of the environment you put your body in (e.g. food, air, contami- nants, etc.). Age related diseases (e.g. cancer, dementia, etc.) depend on the metabolome.