Research Your Biology

Optimize Your Health

Accelerate Cures

Biomarker Analysis

Step 1: Order research-grade biomarker tests such as metabolomics and proteomics for a deeper understanding of your health and wellness.  Sample Report

Sample Collection

Step 2: Arrange a blood draw by one of our licensed professionals, either walk-in at the OpenCures Lab in Novato, or a convenient remote draw at your home.

Research Tools

Step 3: Use our online research platform to dig deep into your results.  Track your health, find optimize your health, evaluate health interventions, and sell your data.

What Makes Us Different?

Beyond Genomics

Genomic analysis conducted by 23andMe and other companies reveals only your potential health outcomes. In contrast, OpenCures uses cutting edge research tools such as Metabolomics and Proteomics to measure the current state of your health

Accelerate Cures

The results and samples from your self-directed health research not only have value to you, but when shared, has the potential to dramatically accelerate cures for disease.  OpenCures believes people own their health data and samples and can can share them for whatever purpose they choose and OpenCures makes it easy and keeps you informed about what your data is doing.

Discover Insights

Our platform has tools to generate and manage insights from your health data – whether you’re working individually, communally, or with institutional researchers. This is how we accelerate the development of disease prevention and cures together.

Group Research

Have you ever wondered if the latest supplement or other health trend is really beneficial or just a waste of money? Only the OpenCures Research Platform gives you the power of community-driven research for evidence based wellness.  Groups with shared interests can work together, coordinating their health interventions as a community trial, with shared protocols, pooling of the results, and measurement of the effects.

Our Facilities

The Shop

The Shop

OpenCures is located in the SF Bay Area on 823 Grant Ave. in Novato, California, two blocks from the SMART Train and just off the Delong exit to the 101. Come visit us to ask questions or join an educational seminar.

The Lab

It all starts with a blood draw, potentially from anywhere, but here at our Novato Center for Self-Directed Research we use certified mobile phlebotomists from Bay Area Phlebotomy and Lab Services.

The BioBank

Your blood “biospecimen” is split into multiple aliquots and and sent for analysis for the tests you ordered, or stored in the OpenCures Biobank.

Our Partners and Providers