Biobanking & Testing
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One Blood draw, multiple assays, access any time
  • Blood draw
  • Storing blood samples
  • Administration of assays
  • Scientific assay access
  • Automated process
  • Multiple tests
  • Test anytime
  • Access any time
  • Structured data
  • Control your samples
  • Mobile Phlebotomy
  • Data security
Platform (Individuals)
For self-directed researchers
  • Import any health data
  • Automated Aggregation
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Personal Experiments
  • Trial Participation
  • Advanced Export options
  • Data Interoperability
Trial Management
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Software platform for user, groups, data and workflow management
  • Publish trials
  • Participant Onboarding
  • Questionnaires & eConsent
  • Protocol Builder
  • Access participant data
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Statistics & Correlation
  • Charting & Plotting
  • Create Private Groups
  • Prioritized Support
Whitelabel Platform
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Health Management platform
  • Customized Logo
  • Integration with workflow

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